Komodo National Park –Cetacean Survey Objectives



Identify which cetacean species occur in all marine areas of Komodo National Park (KNP) including:

      • Coastal habitats of KNP to monitor the presence of vulnerable coastal cetaceans
      • Inter-island straits (3) and deep channels of KNP to examine their significance as migration corridors for wide-ranging migratory cetaceans occurring in eastern Indonesian waters.
      • Oceanic areas to the north and south of KNP to monitor the presence of oceanic cetaceans.
Monitor seasonal patterns in KNP cetacean diversity, distribution and abundance.
Identify sensitive marine areas for cetaceans, including preferred feeding grounds, mating locations and migration corridors.
Provide site- and species-specific information on cetaceans for marine resource and park management purposes.
Provide site- and species-specific information on cetaceans for environmental awareness and educational programs.
Initiate volunteer cetacean monitoring and community-based programs.



For more information on the KNP cetacean surveys download the abstract of the most recent Komodo National Park Cetacean Survey Report (KNP Cetacean Survey Report 1999.pdf – 145 Kb):

Kahn, B. 2000. Komodo National Park Cetacean Surveys 1999 – A rapid ecological assessment of cetacean diversity, abundance & distribution.Monitoring Report to The Nature Conservancy – Indonesia Coastal and Marine Program, Jakarta, Indonesia. 29pp.



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