International Whale Seminar 2016

When: 2016 October
Role: Keynote Speaker

Event: International Whale Seminar 2016

Date: Bali. 22-24 February

More Info: Strengthening Maritime Cultural of Lefa (Traditional Whaling) in Lamalera For The Development Of Maritime Tourism Destinations and Resource Management. Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs. Lembata, NTT, Indonesia. 31 October – 1 November 2016.

Marine debris – National Data Workshop (see ambon PPT on details).

Participant and presenter of outcomes Working Group B. Workshop on management of marine debris. Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs.

Working Group B tasks: Reduced amount and impact of accumulated marine debris on shorelines, in benthic habitats, and in pelagic waters.

Keynote Speaker. Banda Sea Expedition 2016: Blues and Hammers. Pre- and Post Expedition conservation events for local and provincial marine stakeholders. 21 Oct hosted BKKPN, Ministry of Fisheries and Maritime Affairs. Kupang, NTT, Indonesia. 9 Oct. hosted by The Coral Triangle Centre and Banda Sea Marine Conservation Council. Ambon, Molucca, Indonesia. 9 Oct.